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Pergola Garden

Chester, NJ



Private Residence

The Owners wanted to stay in their house of 30 years and renovate the exterior to bring it up to current times. To achive this but not loose the character of the architecture, I used concrete pavers with cool tones while adding a ribbon of clay brick that the house facade had as accents. Utiliziling every inch of the 1/2 acre corner lot was important to included the amenenties the owners had on their wish list - Privacy, 

a pool,  summer kitchen, hot tub, and a patio for them to play cards at night with friends. The front paver entry circular drive was designed to accomodate the additonal parking needed while entertaining. The planting for the gardens incorporated a four seasonal intertest with evergreens to carry the character of the spaces through the cold northern winter months. Extensive lighting was designed and installed to enjoy the landscape in the evening hours. 

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